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Edging Toward Retirement
I've been edging toward retirement since receiving my first pension check from Northrop Grumman ...
Player Piano Restoration: The Stack
Seeing this player come to life has been a bunch of fun (not to mention a big relief). One of the ...
Machining Success
It's a shame it broke. But my developing machine shop skills saved the day.
Stories from Mary Wakefield
I met Mary Stratton Wakefield just today through her amazing prose.
A Little Man in a Dog Suit
9:10 pm. I come downstairs to talk to Terri. Sometimes I go to bed this early, but not tonight. ...
It's a small thing
I know. It's a small thing. And I still get a kick out of it.
Visiting Posey Manufacturing - Virtually
I come from the woods of Western Washington. I work with wood. I am a piano technician.
1982 Woodworking - 40 years later
In 1982 I was 40 years younger, and had (apparently) about four times the energy that I have today.
Morning with Bebop and Jazzy
We've always enjoyed a morning walk. But right now, with daytime temperatures in the 90s, an ...
Ancestral Wandering
Stories of the family farm
Travel in a new way
In late May we ventured out with our new little Hiker trailer for the first time.
Unexpected treasure
An unexpected treasure in an unusual place.
A Piano Finds a Home: My Home!
A Steinway model O from 1909 is at home.
Garden Railroad: Laying Track
It's more than a mound of dirt, now!
Yes, Jazzy Is Here
Jazzy the second dog, AKA "Me Too"
Todoist - Alexa Integration
Alexa and I are getting along better now!
Garden Railroad Winter 2022
Time out for some railroad building!
Working in the Second Quadrant
Found a round-to-it. Moved into the 2nd quadrant.
Reading Stephen King: A Memoir
Stephen King speaks to me!

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