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Bedroom Remodel
A case of expanding requirements
Gnome Suite Home
Treehouse then and now
A Warm Shop (Again)
When we built the shop in 2008, I included radiant floor heat in the design. It's a premium ...
New Casework and Stair Railing
It's nice to see a check mark by this to-do item. As I become more retired, I want to do more ...
Upgrade to Dust Collection
When I built the shop in 2008, I installed a Clearvue dust collection system. That system has ...
McGuire Library
We are re-configuring our bedroom for a new bed. Most everything has been removed from the room. ...
Edging Toward Retirement
I've been edging toward retirement since receiving my first pension check from Northrop Grumman ...
Player Piano Restoration: The Stack
Seeing this player come to life has been a bunch of fun (not to mention a big relief). One of the ...
Machining Success
It's a shame it broke. But my developing machine shop skills saved the day.
Stories from Mary Wakefield
I met Mary Stratton Wakefield just today through her amazing prose.
A Little Man in a Dog Suit
9:10 pm. I come downstairs to talk to Terri. Sometimes I go to bed this early, but not tonight. ...
It's a small thing
I know. It's a small thing. And I still get a kick out of it.
Visiting Posey Manufacturing - Virtually
I come from the woods of Western Washington. I work with wood. I am a piano technician.
1982 Woodworking - 40 years later
In 1982 I was 40 years younger, and had (apparently) about four times the energy that I have today.
Morning with Bebop and Jazzy
We've always enjoyed a morning walk. But right now, with daytime temperatures in the 90s, an ...
Ancestral Wandering
Stories of the family farm
Travel in a new way
In late May we ventured out with our new little Hiker trailer for the first time.
Unexpected treasure
An unexpected treasure in an unusual place.
A Piano Finds a Home: My Home!
A Steinway model O from 1909 is at home.

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