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Year: 2006

Grandpa Henkel
My Grandpa Henkel was born in 1873. Yes. 133 years ago. Grandpa died in 1962 when I was 10 years
Rhythm Syllables
While working at jazz pieces and some Stephen Heller exercises that have sextuplets (six note
Practice Technique: Don’t look at the keys!
I'm sure its written. I'm sure you've heard it. Don't look at the keys! Sure. But when the going
Joy of performance
Joy of performance
When I got back to the piano a few months ago, after a 15+ year absence, I didn't know what would
Piano Performance Anxiety
Piano Performance Anxiety
Oh darn. I have Piano Performance Anxiety, and no, I'm not going to see a shrink. I'm investing in piano lessons instead. My Christmas present to myself was a 6'2" grand built by the Charles Stieff Company of Baltimore in 1911.
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