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Garden Railroad: Laying Track
It's more than a mound of dirt, now!
Garden Railroad Winter 2022
Time out for some railroad building!
Landscaping Spring 2021
Spring project: garden landscape
Garden Railroad Spring 2021
Spring has sprung, and it's time to get working on the railroad!
McGuire-Henkel-Dunbar Railroad
Last year I decided it was time, if ever, for me to start building a garden railroad in the ...
Sand, Gravel, and Cement, Mixed With Experience
For Terri's birthday, she asked for sand and gravel. Actually, it was sand, gravel, cement, and ...
From Terri's FB
I completed my second garden peace pole today (blue); the yellow pole was completed last year. ...
Completion: East Steps of the Deck
It's done. Steps for the east side of the deck. The deck was completed 5 years ago. Pandemic = ...
Terri's Garden 2020
Showing off some of Terri's work
Getting it done
You might say that I've been thinking about building some steps on the east side of the deck for a ...
A fence for Bebop
Quarantine Project: the Bebop fence. For years, it has been known, "You can't have a dog. We don't ...
Albuquerque Botanic Garden, June 2017
On our return trip, we decided to see if there were any garden model railroads anywhere near. We ...

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