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Landscaping Spring 2021

Category: Garden, Projects
Date: 2021-05-29

This spring, a new landscaping project is moving forward, to make garden maintenance a bit easier, and to enhance quality of life with our good friends across the south fence.

Older planting areas were removed, and a landscaper was hired to install river rock for a clean look. Now that area is somewhat of a blank palette. One vegetable trug is installed. Three more are to follow. In the plans are a strawberry tower and more planting boxes.

Here's the start of the new look.

Moving a fully loaded and planted vegetable trug was naturally a challenge, but one that a piano mover could handle.

This is Terri's east garden:

Over the years, our neighbors to the south, Paul and Tori, have become excellent friends. But, it's a half mile walk to their house from ours! Bebop loves them both too, and greets them at the fence daily. Our landscaping project grew to include a new fencing project. The old chain-link fence came down today. Paul and Duane got to use their muscles and ingenuity to remove it and pull the fence posts that were set in plenty of concrete!

Next up: with some help from a fencing contractor, a semi-private vinyl fence will go up. It will include a garden gate connecting our yards, so in 2021 we become backyard neighbors!

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