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A fence for Bebop

Category: Projects, Woodshop, Garden
Date: 2020-04-18

Quarantine Project: the Bebop fence. For years, it has been known, "You can't have a dog. We don't have an enclosed back yard." Well the dog arrived, and the fence is now complete. This was a challenging project, from a design perspective: The fenced area shown was the pathway for driving trucks and trailers into the backyard for projects. Hence two five-foot sections and a central post are removable for access. It was also challenging because my body rebels a bit for all the up and down work. But after two weeks, this two-day project is complete. Terri has volunteered to stain it. Thanks!

Dog fence with removable panels for trucks into the back yard
Sidewalk needed before winter!
Removable post
Stain finishes it off.
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