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Recently Added from Facebook

I’m on a mission to capture worthy content that I’ve posted on Facebook over the years and to publish it here. I want to maintain my ownership and preserve the content outside of the corporate frame.

When placing the content here, I’ve post-dated it, so it is not popping up at the top. Here is an index of the content retrieved in the past week:

05/27/2017Hannibal, Missouri, May 2017
05/28/2017Kraus House, St. Louis - May 2017
05/30/2017The Center of the Universe: Tulsa OK
06/02/2017Palo Duro Canyon
06/03/2017Albuquerque Botanic Garden, June 2017
06/04/2017Utah: We're back after 7 weeks
09/11/2018Joseph Branch Rail Riders
09/14/2018Old Friends, New Times
09/18/2018Lan Su Chinese Garden, Fall 2018
09/22/2018The Art of the Trip
01/22/2019Oceanside 2019
01/23/2019Happily Trapped in a Museum
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Happily Trapped in a Museum

Terri uses her museum affinities and lifetime of experience to trap me at the Museum of Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship in Carlsbad, CA. She was ready for the next stop before me! Pretty tricky! (at Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum – MECM.)

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Oceanside 2019

Looking for peace? Take Terri to the beach. at Oceanside Beach.

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Views of Zion Canyon after a stop in Beaver UT

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  • Duane McGuirebadge iconVestibule of post office at Beaver. One of hundreds built during the Great Depression.
  • Marsha Brown Some elements remind me of the Raymond post office in my youth.1
    • Duane McGuirebadge iconYes, the foyer is pretty much the same. From the same design pallette.
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The Art of the Trip

Art of the trip – Friday 9/21/2018 at Twin Falls, Idaho. Well this was unexpected. We were supposed to be home on Thursday morning, but our truck expressed its age, and we spent a day and a half in Twin Falls while it was repaired. We were not to be out done by failed catalytic converters, and found that Twin Falls is an art mecca! Much of it thanks to Art Hoag, who created Mary Alice Park.

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Lan Su Chinese Garden, Fall 2018

Art of the trip – Tuesday 9/18/2018 at Lan Su Chinese Garden

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Old Friends, New Times

A nice day to share with “old friends” on Whidbey Island, WA

Steve Winchell, Julie Winchell, Duane McGuire, Terri McGuire

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Joseph Branch Rail Riders

Oh yeah, we still know how to have fun. Pedaling a railcar at Joseph Branch, Oregon

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Willapa Hills Trail

Willapa Hills Trail is the former Northern Pacific spur line from Chehalis Washington to South Bend Washington.   The right-of-way has been acquired by Washington State Parks, and now serves as a biking and hiking trail.

Chehalis River along the Willapa Hills Trail east of Pe Ell

I’m happy to say that the photo above is not a stock photo, but my picture of yesterday morning!  We are enjoying a Washington trip to see friends, family, and to enjoy the Willapa Hills Trail for the first time.  It was my intent to ride the trail from Chehalis to Raymond (my hometown).  A bit of 65-year-old realism caught up with me.  That realism has been expressed in “pre-arthritic” knees!    So it has become a ride from Chehalis to Pe Ell along the trail.

My daughter Erin came up from Portland to join me on the first leg of the ride.   We rode from Logan Street in Centralia to Rainbow Falls State Park.   I chose to ride from Centralia rather than starting in Chehalis at the trailhead, because Logan Street was the home place of my Grandpa and Grandma Henkel.   Erin and I rode the paved streets of Centralia and Chehalis about 6 miles to the trailhead.  Then we rode the trail from Chehalis to Rainbow Falls.  The trail was a joy.   To see this area, away from the traffic (modest though it may be on highway 6), and at a slow pace, is an experience I’ll always remember, and I’m so grateful that Erin chose to accompany me!

The required selfie as we started out on the trail

The trail from Chehalis to Rainbow Falls is about 15 miles, a distance I often cover at home on morning rides.  But those rides are on paved trails and start at mile zero, not at mile six.   The first five miles of the trail are paved, and the rest of the trail to Rainbow Falls is gravel.   My sixty-five year old knees learned that its not the miles but the total pedal rotations that count to determine endurance.   But we had a marvelous time!

Erin kickin’ it up on a railroad bridge east of Adna

After Erin returned to Portland, the next day I returned to the trail and rode to Pe Ell, where my wife, Terri, met me.  The knees told me I’d rode enough.  My mind tells me I had a wonderful time, despite riding half as far as I had intended.   Perhaps next spring there will be another adventure.

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