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The Center of the Universe: Tulsa OK

We decided to spend a little time at the Center of the Universe today. In downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, there is an interesting little spot with some strange acoustics. When you stand on the circle and speak in a projecting voice to someone not in the circle, you hear your own voice with a metallic reverberation. If you step outside the circle about 3 feet and someone stands across from you, you can hear the other person's voice the same way. Some say there's probably a good physics explanation (if we could look at the interior of the bridge). Others suggest a spiritual or karma related explanation. You can read for yourself, but Duane and I can tell you, "It is real!" Then we had to walk around a little bit, because we like pretty buildings. http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-center-of-the-universe

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