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Kayaks on the Mind

Category: Travel, Random Thoughts
Date: 2023-09-15

I've been thinking about kayaks recently. And the limitations of age. I think there's some common ground here.

While spending time in Raymond, Washington, my home town, I couldn't help myself. I rented a kayak at Willapa Paddle Adventures. That wasn't a step taken lightly. First I asked about a guided tour, where I might get some instruction in kayaking. But when that wasn't available, I went on down to the dock to examine their kayak launch. I deemed it adequate for getting my 71 year old body into a kayak and onto the river without incident.

My paddle adventure
Ready to go!
The old railroad bridge across the South Fork of the Willapa.
The east end of the old Olympic Hardwood site
Residential development on the little island in the South Fork
Approaching the "new" South Fork bridge (circa 1969)
Returning to the dock and a view of the old South Fork bridge approaches
Happily there was no one there to document my extrication from the boat!
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