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Dana-Thomas home - Springfield, Illinois

It is always a treat to tour a Frank Lloyd Wright home. The Dana-Thomas home in Springfield, Illinois is my new favorite. When walking in, Duane realized that he'd seen the interior before! Not in person, but the many slides in Prof. Hildebrand's History of Architecture class (UW, 1973) made a lasting impression. We lucked out with an absolutely amazing tour guide and a personal tour. Though it is not permitted to take photos inside, many of the stunning features will stick in our memories for a long time. Wright's home designs create a flow between indoor and outdoor space. He even designs the art glass windows, lamps, rugs, furniture, and art. Everything has its own place and nothing was to be added or eliminated from the plan. No hanging your own art or photos! An absolutely gorgeous home, but maybe one that's hard to live in. So much original furniture and artifacts! P.S. There's a bowling lane in the basement.

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