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A moment's observation and realization

Category: Random Thoughts, Family, Woodshop
Date: 2023-08-20

I'm privileged to be able to vacation at the home I grew up in! This afternoon the dogs and I are enjoying a cool coastal breeze of August on the deck.

In quiet time, we notice things.

I looked up at the fly-rafter and realized that it was original to the house.

Would you look at that! 😄

While the high-maintenance cedar siding was replaced with modern materials by the interim owners, the fly rafters are original. I look at them with awe as memories flood in.

They are 16 foot long 2X8's of all clear, vertical grain fir. For someone who works with wood, it's jaw dropping. If you could buy just one of those today, I'm certain you'd get no change back from two $100's! If you could buy one.

This part of the house was built by my Dad in 1959. I was there. I actually helped, or so it seemed to me. I certainly learned a lot: reading a tape measure, wiring outlets, driving nails, securing carriage bolts. These are skills for a lifetime earned by a seven year-old. No merit badge needed.

And so I sit here with two dogs. Admiring the work of my father, and feeling his abundant love.


Having made the observation I had to get into an attic space to see how it was built. That fly rafter wasn't just for looks. That's how the house was built, and this is what you could buy at Pacific County Lumber in 1959.

Fly rafters at the eave
16 feet of clear fir. Not a knot in sight
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