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Piano Technology

July 20, 2020
An old Piano Friend Comes Home
Sometime around 1959, in Raymond Washington, I had my first piano lesson. It was on this piano: ...
April 24, 2019
Just Like Downtown
Dad was someone who was known as a practical man.   He could get things done, and was always ...
November 23, 2015
Thoughts on Smoke Stacks
Sometimes I think I was born 70 years too late.  70 years too late to participate first hand in ...
December 31, 2012
Key Leveling Blocks
I recently decided to upgrade from the crude key leveling blocks I had been using, and enjoyed ...
March 26, 2010
McGuirePiano.com launched!
I'm pleased to announce that a new website for my piano business has launched! Please visit
October 31, 2009
Adjustable height workbench / assembly table
In my early years of woodworking and cabinet building, I spent a lot of time assembling things on ...
June 26, 2009
On the path to RPT
The Piano Technicians Guild offers the Registered Piano Technician (RPT) to individuals who have ...
February 17, 2008
Google Sketchup Meets Piano Man
I had the good fortune of attending a one day class on Google Sketchup on Thursday of last week. ...
January 19, 2008
Another piano: 1916 Chickering
Partly because I couldn't resist (I like Chickerings!). Partly because the Stieff project has been ...
September 26, 2007
Bridge notching
July 6, 2007
Stieff Evaluation and Disassembly
This week, I took a closer look at the piano, while disassembling it. Generally, I found that ...
June 21, 2007
Shop Legs for the Stieff
To begin work on the piano, I built shop legs. These temporary replacement legs will allow me to ...

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