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Piano Performance

June 19, 2020
Ashokan Farewell Piano Performance
My dive into digital recording and production started in December with a gift of Ableton LIve! ...
September 19, 2008
Musical Desire Meets Taskmaster
I play the piano. And have played for 50 years on again and off again. The last couple of years ...
February 22, 2008
A minor victory for the aspiring pianist
I can't say how long I've been practicing Marian McPartland's Twilight World. Months and months! ...
March 29, 2006
Rhythm Syllables
While working at jazz pieces and some Stephen Heller exercises that have sextuplets (six note ...
March 10, 2006
Practice Technique: Don’t look at the keys!
I'm sure its written. I'm sure you've heard it. Don't look at the keys!
February 24, 2006
Joy of performance
When I got back to the piano a few months ago, after a 15+ year absence, I didn't know what would ...

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