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A minor victory for the aspiring pianist

I can't say how long I've been practicing Marian McPartland's Twilight World. Months and months! The transcription is 8 pages long. For some time now, I've had pages 6,7, and 8 memorized. But I've been stuck on page 5 for quite some time. I suspect that practice technique (or lack thereof) are to blame, but I have been stuck! Finally yesterday morning was breakthrough. The bottom 3/4 of Page 5 works without referring to the transcription.

I have a lot to learn about memorization, and I still find it somewhat frightening ... because honestly, once it is done, the playing of the song is some kind of miracle.

I wish I could get into another musicians head, and see how he or she thinks!

Despite it all, my memorized repertoire is growing. I need to tackle the top bit of page five with rigor, and see if I can speed the process along. Twilight world is such a beautiful tune, I'm not bored with it, but it would be nice to grow the repertoire faster!

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