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A Bicycle Trailer for the Golf Clubs


Bicycle Trailer and golf clubs42 Bicycle Trailer and golf clubs Choices. A man always has choices. Well rather than choose golf over bicycling, or bicycling over golf ... I combined the two.

Questions. A man always has questions. Where do I rate on the eccentricity scale? Is there anyone else in America riding an under-seat steering recumbent, towing a trailer, loaded with golf clubs while commuting to work?

I ordered the trailer from Nashbar a couple weeks ago. It arrived on Friday, and went out for a couple of shopping trips on Saturday. It rides smoothly, and is generally not noticed. I found that I do notice when:

  • Riding uphill
  • Riding downhill at better than 20 mph
  • Encountering side winds

On Sunday I rode to Swan Lakes Golf Course, played 9, then continued on to Home Depot for some shopping. Today (Monday), I rode to work (5.5 miles). After work I rode to Swan Lakes (4 miles). I practiced at the driving range, and then rode home (6 miles).

Since it's been a long winter without much bicycling, I can feel it. It was a workout.

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