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A Hole in One!
A Hole in One!
Glen Eagle Golf Course, Syracuse UT
A Hole in One!
I've been knocking those little white balls around for seven years. And this evening it finally
A Bicycle Trailer for the Golf Clubs
A Bicycle Trailer for the Golf Clubs
Choices. A man always has choices. Well rather than choose golf over bicycling, or bicycling over golf ... I combined the two.
Golf Course Intelligence
I went off early to the golf course this morning. I talked Wade in the pro shop after I was done. I
Conversations with my wife
She said, "I thought you'd like to know. I stopped at China Lily for dinner tonight." "NO!" "Yes,"
Golf as a metaphor for life
Recently, I've been reading The Inner Game of Golf by W. Timothy Gallewey. It has spurred some
Social Golf
Golf is a social sport. Course operators like to have foursomes on the course. It's the traditional
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