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So you think you’re gonna ride the SLC Century?


Last week I rode my first 20 mile ride of the season. Foolishly, this week I asked my friend Troy if he'd like to go on 20 mile ride with me. I'm beat. Not quite the athlete stud I'd like to be! A couple of problems here.

  • Troy is an athlete stud, even if this was his first ride of the season
  • I foolishly suggested that we start at his house (250 ft higher than the low point on the route)
  • I let Troy determine the route, which turned out to be 27 miles, not 20 miles.
  • Troy set a leisurely pace (for him!), and I foolishly kept up with him for the first 13 miles
  • I'm carrying an extra 20 pounds THAT NEED TO GO AWAY!

27 mile route: North Ogden through West Weber

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