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Antelope Island 2010


I'm coming out of hibernation, and my bicycling muscles are sore! This is the morning's ride: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3503532

I decided that for 2010, the nearby Antelope Island ride was too good to ignore. I bought an annual state park pass and an Antelope Island causeway pass so that I could do the ride as often as I please without being peeved about the $3 fee. Since I paid $85 on the deal, I guess I'll need to ride 85/3 = 29 times. at 32 miles per trip thats 29*32 = 928 miles. That will help the old guy to feel younger.

Today's counts: 31.4 miles 100's of gulls 15 bison -- who were about as energetic as a rock (thank you bison) 1 coyote 1 pheasant 12 Canadian geese 1 hawk 12 bicyclists 2 runners

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