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Woodturning 101 - homework

Category: Random Thoughts, Woodshop
Date: 2009-08-22

Admitting my amateur status, woodturning is new to me! I'm going forward boldly, and I can see that I'll need to be self-aware concerning addictive activities.

Tuesday a drive spur arrived in the mail. More accessories are on the way. Tuesday I took hold of the dull lathe tools I acquired with the lathe, and attempted some turning. It wasn't very satisfying!

Tonight I spent a few minutes sharpening the gouge and skew and I transformed a 4x4 into a very satisfying enigma. The lathe runs smoothly, and in my ignorance I don't know what else I'd ask for! (Unless one of you wants to come over and help me design and build an effective dust collection port for the lathe)

First experience with the lathe

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