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Woodstove for the woodshop


I got out to the shop early this morning to work on wiring. But it was about 37 degrees, and hmmm, my priorities shifted. I got to work on installing the woodstove. I first had to do some work on the manufactured chimney. I'd placed it temporarily for the roofer, but hadn't installed the ceiling flange. The chimney needed to drop down 6" into the flange, and unfortunately the roofer -- absent my direction sealed the chimney into the roof flashing. I had to undo that, and to seat the chimney pipe in the ceiling flange.

Then it was off to Lowes for another section of chimney, cinder blocks, stove pipe etc. So now the bill for chimney, etc is about $400, but I got the stove for $50. Hah!

By 3 pm, I had the inaugural fire going, and tomorrow morning the temperature will be right for wiring. I don't know about you, but without a woodstove ... well it didn't feel like a woodshop. Now it does!

Woodstove for the woodshop

Woodstove for the woodshop

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