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Woodshop progress: Passed electrical inspection this morning!

Category: Projects, Woodshop
Date: 2008-12-23

A milestone! I finished the rough-in electrical last night and had the inspection this morning. Yes ... was a bit nervous ... I'm not an electrician. I have some experience over the years ... but still I get concerned about nuances of code, when the inspector is on his way. I shouldn't have worried. I knew that it would go well when we walked up to the door and the inspector said, "That's a beautiful door!" I gushed ... "gee thanks I made it of cherry and walnut". He barely glanced at the wiring, and passed it all off.

None too soon! It's cold, and I had to get the electrical inspected before I could start insulating. I haven't dared to put a thermometer out there, but with full ventilation and no insulation, I don't think the woodstove raises the temperature more that about 15 to 20 degrees.

Here's the details on the electrical: The sub panel is fed from an 80 amp breaker at the main panel/meter box on the house. The panel is a 200 amp panel. Formerly, it had 2 100 amp mains. I down graded the 100 amp mains to 2 60 amp mains for the house, then added the 80 amp main for the shop. As you can see below, I built lots of diversity into the shop circuits, especially since it is a one-man shop.

Circuit details for the shop: 30A 220: Planer 30A 220: Dust collection 20A 110: Perimeter outlets A 20A 110: Perimeter outlets B 20A 110: Table saw 20A 110: Jointer 20A 110: Attic outlets 20A 110: Storage outlets 15A 110: Shop Lighting A 15A 110: Shop Lighting B 15A 110: Storage/Attic Lighting 15A 110: Swamp Cooler 15A 110: Garage Door opener

Lighting for the main shop will be 15 8' 2-lamp T12 fixtures that I picked up used at a good price.

Electrical panel

Electrical panel

Door and panel

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