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Woodshop progress: Lighting and Dust Collection Cyclone

Category: Woodshop, Projects
Date: 2009-02-22

I keep plugging away. After hanging ceiling drywall and fifteen light fixtures, I'm pretty good at getting up and down a scaffold. So why don't I feel like a kid? (because its been 40 years since I was sixteen?)

The lighting is beautiful to my eyes - pretty much drafting room quality. Its fifteen dual-tube 8' fixtures (T-12), for the 28X30 space. About 1900 watts total. I have it wired on two 15A circuits. I haven't yet "split the ballasts", but will do that. When that is done, I'll have the ballast in each fixture light just one tube in of its own and one of a neighboring fixture. That way I can have uniform lighting at 50% and 100%, depending on the need at the time.

The fluorescent fixtures are not state of the art. Current lighting is predominantly efficient T-8 (1 inch) fixtures which are very nice and quiet! While I would like to go premium, the cost savings of my used T-12's (1-1/2 inch) paid for the ClearVue cyclone. I found 20 used fixtures with tubes for $400 and grabbed the deal.

Here's today's photos:

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