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Woodshop progress: insulation and drywall

My shop is too big! OK. That's the last time you'll hear that. Though the work continues it seems slow! There's just a lot to do. I had the week off from work. It has been nice. Most of the insulation is done on the lower level. For now, I've just sealed off the attic room. I love insulation! Though temperatures have been in the 20's and 30's a very small fire in the woodstove keeps the place nice and comfy. Sheetrock is installed on 90% of the shop ceiling. The storage ceiling is yet to be done. Most of the ceiling was a two-person effort, with the help of Terri or Erin. (That's the way to do it!) But I did about 5 panels on my own. The drywall lift I rented made the job pretty easy. I don't know how else I could have managed to install drywall on an 11-foot ceiling. Cool stuff. I hope the engineer had an equity position. The Telpro panel lift is a great tool!

Drywall lift
Shop Ceiling

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