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Walk with Bebop - June 8, 2020

Category: Family
Date: 2020-06-08

We've been having strange June weather.   Temperatures have dropped 30 degrees in the past 3 days.   It was a chilly 42 degrees at 6:30 this morning.   But it wasn't raining and Bebop was eager to go.   When I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk, she whimpered with joy!

This morning we chose the same two-mile walk as yesterday with the feature of a jaunt through Powerline Park.  Familiarization and routine are a dog's friend.   Today Bebop had no hesitation about the route, and we set a faster pace.  When we got to the powerline trail, it was clear that she really remembered the off-leash time of yesterday.  I wasn't so sure because there was a woman walking ahead of us, but as we started she was 30 yards ahead, so I said OK!  Bebop enjoyed the trail zigging and zagging, but not getting more that 20 yards ahead of me.   As we dallied, the gap between us and the woman walker grew.

When the woman was 100 yards ahead, Bebop's trotting about widened.   She took off on a trot outside of the normal 20 yards, and that concerned me.  I called out, "Bebop!  Wait!"  And just like that, Bebop turned and waited.  We are learning together, and that is very good.

At home again, I'm here writing these words in the office, and Bebop is quietly enjoying the remnant of a 3-day old bully stick.   The day has begun.

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