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Walk with Bebop - June 7, 2020


We walked a new route from home today, and it was interesting to see and try to understand Bebop's reactions to the  different route.

June 7, 2020 morning walk ( 2 miles)

When we started out, and went north instead of east, Bebop was unsettled at a new direction.   She demonstrated her discomfort in the normal manner, by wanting to jump all over me.   But with a bit of coaching, she got with the program.  On our walk across 1300 North to the west, all was good until we approached Powerline Park.  There she became unsettled again.   The air had an "agricultural scent", and the residential landscape disappeared.   Again I encouraged her, and she powered on to turn north with me into  Powerline Park.

X marks the transition from residential to agricultural smells.

Heading north along the pathway became uncomfortable to Bebop.  But looking about and seeing no one else along the trail, I decided we could try off-leash.  That was good.

Google's image of our entrance to "Powerline Park"

She would lead out about  20 yards, then stop to look for me and wait.  She enjoyed the sights and smells along the trail.  It's interesting that the freedom gave her new interest and enjoyment.  When we turned  east into the residential area, Bebop asked for the security of the leash again (good, because that was the only option).    On the mile walk through the neighborhoods to home, she was relaxed and enjoying it all.

A nap is always nice after a good walk.

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