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Walk with Bebop - June 3, 2020

Category: Family
Date: 2020-06-04

From the New York Times Metropolitan Diary:

Tall Order

Dear Diary:

An exchange overheard on the Upper West Side:

“I want a dog that doesn’t know it’s cute,” one woman said to another.

— Sara Latta

Since I'm a novice at dog ownership (or partnership) I had no idea that dogs have an ego!  They certainly do!

On Monday, Bebop scored two walks.  In the morning, a retired couple paid Bebop absolutely no attention, as Bebop strained at the leash and expressed her desire for their attention.   Giving credit to her, she did it in the best manner:  looking cute, wagging all over and making not a sound!  The couple was fast-walking and Bebop dragged me for a block to get their attention.   In her failure, she did seem dejected.

In the evening,  as Terri, Bebop and I left the park, I steered us toward the sidewalk where we would approach a young family with 3 kids on small bikes.   As we met, Bebop was being her wiggly, cutest self, and one of the kids said, "I LIKE YOUR DOG!"

I responded, "Thank you.  We like her too!"

Bebop turned to me and smiled.  No, actually she gave me that doggy laugh!

"See!  Everyone knows I'm adorable."

Bebop gets the last laugh.

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