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Walk with Bebop - June 13, 2020


Bebop will be 6 months old at the end of the month. We started our daily morning walks one month ago on May 12. We haven't missed a day! It's a good routine and one that Bebop loves. We love the sights, smells, and spending the time together.

My knowledge of doggie thinking is improving, I'm sure, but my own thinking is progressing too. I've come to realize that walking a mile or two everyday might be good for me, not just the dog. It's a mile or two I wasn't doing before!

Today once again, was our two-mile circuit that takes us through the powerline park. Bebop gets to romp through more than a quarter-mile while off leash. She is always ready. She runs ahead and then waits for the old man to catch up. It's nice to have her looking out for me!

Come on, Duane, this is so much fun!

I'm waiting!

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