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Upgrade to Dust Collection


When I built the shop in 2008, I installed a Clearvue dust collection system. That system has continued to work well for the past 14 years. When installing I provided a manual blast gate at each work station. The dust collector blower was controlled remotely with RF Switches supplied by Clearvue. Recently, those remote switches have been failing.

While thinking about replacing those switches, I decided to upgrade the system to implement auto switching of the dust collector. Each major tool will now have a current sensing switch that turns the dust collector on when the tool is on. The system shuts off the dust collector one minute after the tool is switched off. I also upgraded the tablesaw dust collection by installing an automatic blast gate at that location. The gate opens when the saw is turned on, and closes one minute after the saw is turned off.

Am I pleased? Oh, yes. A pleasant workspace becomes even more pleasant.

Components are from iVAC Switch

Configuration and controls. Current sensing component is on the right. The power strip provides power to the sensor and to the blast gate.
Automatic blast gate
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