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Singing Valentines in Utah County


Sound Accord Quartet Singing Valentine

Once again my quartet, Sound Accord, will be delivering singing Valentines for the big day. We will schedule our biggest day on Feb 13, so that we can deliver to schools and businesses. We will also be available mid-day on Feb 14.

If you are a man who would like us to sing to your girl friend, wife, or other female significant other, please call Duane at 801-830-5858. If you are a woman, who would like us to sing to a man, well ... NO. We did that a couple of times early in our career. It just doesn't work! (At least not for us!) We will be singing in Utah County only. (Provo UT, Orem UT, Lindon UT, Pleasant Grove UT, American Fork UT, Lehi UT, etc.)

We deliver 2 love songs and a long stemmed rose as your Valentine for a fee of just $45.

More about the quartet is here: SoundAccord.com

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