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Progress on the MH&D Railroad

Category: Projects, Historic Technology
Date: 2020-09-19

It looks like we'll be laying track on the McGuire-Henkel-and-Dunbar railroad next spring. For a railroad staffed by a sort-of retired guy, I think it is on schedule. Shown here is the current progress. The landscape blocks shown form the embankment for an elevated fill. With the elevation, we can work on the construction of miniature gardening features from a comfortable height, and protect it all from other activities in the yard.

At this point, I have placed 162 retaining wall blocks. At 61 pounds each, I've handled 9,900 pounds of blocks. That's just a brag, but I'm enjoying the work. It's nice to be able. In the excavation above you can see the beginning of a curve to close in the area. It will remain open until the majority of the fill is done. Wheelbarrowing the 20-plus cubic yards of fill does not appeal to me, so I anticipate renting a skid steer loader for a day. I think I have a source for free fill. The fill currently in the west end is from a "small" excavation at our neighbors place, where they created a level area for an above-ground pool. They delivered it to the backyard one wheelbarrow at a time, and I appreciate it!

The conduit shown above is pre-planning for low voltage electrical and water supplies. Most of that riser will be covered with fill dirt.

For the east end of the area, we are planning for a bridge to complete the basic oval. The bridge will span about 4 feet. That's 90 scale feet for the G-scale layout. At the bridge I anticipate a waterfall, creek, and pond. The picture here shows something similar - without the waterfall!

That's a bit more ambitious, than our layout area, but the bridge does inspire.

To be continued...

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