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Life in the internet-enabled slow lane

Category: Random Thoughts
Date: 2012-04-09

Sometimes, the little joys in life just sneak up on you!  And while reporting today's little joy, I do want to affirm that the Internet enables our cultural connections in a very positive way.

Terri, my wife is a committed bargain shopper at DI (if you aren't from around here, translation:  "thrift store").  The other day she dragged home a pedestal for a clothes dryer, which she said would be perfect as a planter for some potatoes.  Five dollars.  Thank you DI. Attached to the pedestal was a 30 AMP dryer cord, which she deposited in my shop, and said, "I thought maybe you could use this!"   I could only smile at the gift.

This afternoon, I took two photos of the dryer cord and listed it for sale on ksl.com (if you aren't from around here, synonym: craigslist.org).  Eight dollars, please!    An hour later, I got the phone call.

"Hi, do you still have the 4-prong dryer cord for sale?"

"Yes, I do!"

"Well, do you ever get down to Clearfield?"

"Uh ... yeah ... but I'm just a couple miles away here in Clinton."

"Well, I have no way of getting there, but if you'd like to bring it by this week some time, I'd sure buy it."

Being a kind hearted soul, with a small profit motive, and a natural curiosity about what would happen next, I said, "OK.  I can make that work."

My caller responded, "Good. The address is my dad's place.  He'll pay eight dollars cash."

As I thought about it then, I realized I wanted to go for a bike ride anyway, so joy!  I was going to get paid a dollar a mile to ride the bike.  The next smile I got was when I turned the corner to the address and saw the sign proclaiming "Appliance repair.  Used appliances".   I guess I didn't need ksl.com to find the buyer, but it got me there.   The appliance shop was out back of the house, and the proprietor  was clearly 80 or better.  And indeed he found joy in giving me that eight dollars, which was clearly better than a wholesale price for the dryer cord.   He enjoyed my recumbent bike, inquiring, "Is that thing electric?"

"Uh no.  I do have some wiring on it for headlight and tail light."

"That's quite the contraption!  Did you buy it like that?"

I explained that it is indeed a commercial product and a great bicycle.  I think we both enjoyed the moment.

After pedalling home the four miles, I went out the the garden to find Terri.   I said "I have something for you", and pulled the eight dollars out of  my wallet.

When I explained that I sold that dryer cord for eight dollars, she gave me her very best smile.  Joy!

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