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Yes, Jazzy Is Here

Category: Family
Date: 2022-02-05

The second child always has fewer pictures and a smaller baby book. It turns out that's true for the second dog too. Jazzy is a dog. Dogs don't read. So he'll not read this blog and discover that I never said a word about him here until he was 10 months old!

Sorry, Jazzy. I was doing some maintenance on the blog recently and found that I had 15 posts featuring Dog 1, Bebop, but not a single mention of Jazzy. I'm here to correct that omission.

Jazzy: So cuddly in June 2021, when he came home with us.

In this house, both dogs are showered with love, and they return it with thousands of wags and kisses. We are fortunate to share our days with them.
OK, Jazzy, Here's a start at recognition!

Bebop greets Jazzy with curiosity in June.
Bebop is "warming" to the idea of Jazzy in June
July: BFF.

July: Family portrait.

Never forget! We go for two walks every day.
August: Keep away is the best game ever, and Jazzy is always "it".

January: We really know how to share a bed.

Yesterday: Just another day in my house. (Jazzy's house)
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