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Back to school


A new branch campus of Weber State University sits just 600 yards from my office window. After the construction was complete, I ignored it for several months, but in August I made my move! I'm a student again!

After a long absence from the academic world, I'm back. And for the most part, I'm having fun. Some statistics:

1975 - Bachelors in Architecture
1978 - Bachelors in Math
1985 - Last college credits earned

My current direction is to earn a Bachelors in Computer Science over the next few years. If I'm having a great time, perhaps it will be a Masters. It's amazing to look at the numbers and see that I've not been in a classroom for 26 years. Whoa! Some of the people I work with weren't born at the time I was taking FORTRAN programming in my engineering curriculum at Grays Harbor College.

My current technical class is Discrete Mathematics. It is taught in an enjoyable manner. All the projects require programming examples written in C. This is challenging on two levels: First, just getting the academic brain cells working again. Second, I've never before written any C! So it is a fun challenge.

It's great to engage the brain along new paths -- even if the path is somewhat familiar.

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