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A piano shop workbench


My bargain shopping wife found a large "workbench" -- a collection of solid cabinets mounted on an ugly 2x8 base and with a beat-up top. We repurposed all into a remarkably functional bench for the piano shop. Thank you Terri! Yet to come are some new drawers where there are now cubbies and a slideout for a printer.

A major bit of sweetness for the shop are two storage bays below the new top which will accept a grand action. That's a real convenience and a new efficiency in the shop.Workbench for the piano shop

Here's a view of the bench with it put to use: Piano Shop Workbench

The old bench was acquired from the old Ephrata, Washington High School when it was demolished in the 1980s. I sold it to a happy buyer.  It was nice to see it go the a "good garage", after serving me for so many years.

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