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A once in a lifetime recipe

Chocolate Custard

**Ingredients: ** Left-over hot chocolate from your Christmas Piano Recital Eggs Vanilla Butter

Procedure: Crack some eggs into a bowl Beat the eggs. Pour some left over hot chocolate into the bowl Stir it all together. Think: that could probably use some vanilla Add vanilla Think: you probably didn't use enough eggs Add eggs Butter a baking dish that's big enough. Pour your stuff into the baking dish. Turn the oven on to 325. Think: I see no reason for that to preheat Put your stuff in the oven Set the timer for 40 minutes Go do some stuff and forget about it. Realize later that you have no idea when the timer went off. Take your stuff out of the oven Cool. Enjoy.

My mother taught me how to cook. Three rules apply here:

  • If you have leftovers, you can make something good out of it.
  • If you use good ingredients, it will be good.
  • Custard is good.

This does call to mind hundreds and hundreds of pounds of government surplus rice delivered to Raymond High School when Mom was the head cook there.  She said,

"I just couldn't cook enough rice.  And those kids didn't like it much, either. Then one day I was making mashed potatoes and I thought, 'What difference would it make if I put a few pounds of cooked rice in that?'. You know, no one knew the difference, and they were pretty good mashed potatoes. I sure got rid of that rice."

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