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1982 Woodworking - 40 years later

Category: Woodshop
Date: 2022-08-05

In 1982 I was 40 years younger, and had (apparently) about four times the energy that I have today.

Today, Terri opened up the information on 47 H Street, Ephrata Washingington. That's the 900 square foot house we bought in 1978 for $27,000.

The house we bought ... as it was in 1978

I was so pleased to see that my work from 1982 has survived nicely. It has obviously been cared for by the different owners of the home since 1990, when we sold it and moved to Utah. And I have to admit I was more than a little prideful looking at the quality of cabinetry I created then.

I learned much doing upgrades on that house: - all new insulation - expanded the kitchen and dining area by removing a closet, a chimney, and a wall - all new kitchen cabinets - a nice deck with an attractive grape arbor - new electrical entrance and panel - new electric heat - insulated the garage for use as a shop - repurposed the old house chimney for a woodstove chimney in the "garage" shop.
- and more!

The kitchen I built in 1982. Photographed for the real estate listing of 2021!
Dad bought a unit of select alder from a small mill in Raymond Washington, and hauled it over to Ephrata for me. I milled all the pieces for the doors and drawer fronts for this kitchen. I still like the look!
The buffet and cabinets for the dining area. Tucked away in a lower cabinet was a slideout for a computer keyboard. Tucked away in an upper cabinet was a wall air conditioner. (from exterior photos I see that an air conditioner is present at that location today)
Wainscoat and chair rail that I milled and installed in the living room. Note also the recessed flourescent lighting I created in the joist space. It's still there!
1981. Need to underground the utilities? No problem. Dig a trench though that rocky desert soil. No backhoe required.
Let's build a deck 1983(?)
The rear deck I built -- as it exists today. The grapes we started in 1983 seem to be doing well!
Ryan and I enjoying a game of checkers on that deck! (Just a few years ago. Ryan will be 42 this year. )
A view from the deck in 1986: Prominently showing Erin and Ryan (in the background) enjoying their swings
What Zillow thinks about it today. Oh my goodness!
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