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Salt Lake Century Redux

Just kidding! The weather’s been poor, and I’m out of shape.  But today was the Salt Lake Century ride. I chose to honor the event by getting on the bike and riding.  32 miles was plenty for the out-of-shape old guy.

A Hole in One!

I’ve been knocking those little white balls around for seven years. And this evening it finally happened.  A hole in one!

But no one was there.  Not a witness to behold the event. So now I can finally answer the question: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Surprisingly, NO.

It looked beautiful as it was sailing toward its target.  I saw it roll up on the green but then it rolled out of view. As I walked to the green, I thought, “well there must be a little ridge there at the front”.  As I got closer I still saw no ball on the green.  I was silent.   I walked up to the flag.  There was my Callaway resting at the back of the hole.  A beautiful sight honored in silence.

Eagle Lake Golf Course #3 160 yards

Philadelphia Piano Tuner

In the past week I’ve helped my friend, Marshall Gisondi, to launch the new website for his piano tuning business in Philadelphia, PA. I was tickled that we could obtain a very nice domain name which is easy to remember, and captures the geography and nature of his business:

Marshall is an accomplished piano tuner/technician, and a graduate of the School of Piano Technology for the Blind.  If you are in the Philadelphia area and in need of piano tuning service, Marshall can provide you with service of the highest quality.

McGuire Piano

I’ve been obsessing about the new website,, and I’ve been concerned that it hasn’t become better indexed in the past week and a half.  I think that’s because the domain lived for many months as a 301 redirect to the blog.  The only page that my favorite bot has picked up is one that I posted on PianoWorld, even though I’ve submitted a complete site map, and it has been accessed repeatedly.

I’m certainly one to help, so assuming my favorite bot is listening, I’d like to tell you some more about the new site.  McGuire piano contains contact information, and a page devoted to photos of my work. If you poke around there, you’ll also find that I’ve included articles about my current work.

So, Mr. Bot, please feast upon this new information, that up until now, at least, has escaped your attention.