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September 22, 2017
Willapa Hills Trail
Willapa Hills Trail is the former Northern Pacific spur line from Chehalis Washington to South ...
August 21, 2014
To the good motorists of Roy, UT
I would like to thank the good motorists of Roy, for a pleasant morning.   I rode the Denver and ...
September 11, 2011
100@60 - Week 3
Week 2 passed without a ride -- the weekend was filled with Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Week ...
August 28, 2011
100@60 week 1
I declared I'll ride 100 miles on my 60th birthday. I've got just 217 days to prepare!
August 25, 2011
A number of years ago, I read a health article which suggested that the decade of the 50's was the ...
May 15, 2010
Salt Lake Century Redux
Just kidding! The weather's been poor, and I'm out of shape.  But today was the Salt Lake Century ...
February 27, 2010
Antelope Island 2010
I'm coming out of hibernation, and my bicycling muscles are sore! This is the morning's ride:
September 18, 2009
Antelope Island Ride
It was a beautiful afternoon. Is it the last spurt of Summer? At 85 degrees, I think maybe so. I ...
March 2, 2009
So you think you’re gonna ride the SLC Century?
Last week I rode my first 20 mile ride of the season. Foolishly, this week I asked my friend Troy ...
February 19, 2009
Spring is coming!
When I got up yesterday, I decided to encourage spring a bit by shaving off my beard. It worked! ...
November 29, 2008
Utah drivers: Give me a break!
I ride a bicycle. A lot. I commute to work by bicycle more than 50% of the time. Last year I rode ...
April 8, 2008
A Bicycle Trailer for the Golf Clubs
Choices. A man always has choices. Well rather than choose golf over bicycling, or bicycling over ...
May 20, 2007
Bicycling Milestones
During the last weekend of April, I performed a minor miracle for a body, who from time to time, ...

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