A roof in a day

Our house was built 17 years ago. A look around the neighborhood will tell you that the roofing jobs were not the very best. We found that we were at the point of doing repairs which would probably continue annually. Since we plan to be here for many years, we decided on a new roof.

The McGuire heritage is one of get up and do it yourself. Well, not this job! My climbing days are over, and I was never really attracted to roofing. The roofing company I hired blew away all expectations; I had no idea that a crew could tear off the old and install a new roof in a day. But oh my, this crew can. Seven ninjas on the roof with a short lunch break, and it’s done, just like the company owner told me. They were moving so fast we couldn’t get an accurate count, but I think there were seven. Hats off to CCR roofing. of Clearfield, Utah.

Remarkably, all that energy was contagious. I had a very productive day in the shop. I had plenty of breaks, and took a couple of walks with Bebop to give her a break from the stress. But honestly, I got twice the work done in the shop that I usually do. Good contagion.

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Carol Hall
Carol Hall (@carolnusa)
3 months ago

Well look at that! It looks great and in one day if one of your neighbors was gone for a day they would have missed the whole show! I think you made a good decision that this was beyond your interest/skill set – that is a high roof! There was a new roof put on the small Plato house a week ago – they started on Friday and finished Sunday. I think the difference is he number on the crew and the organization. Your house is looking proud!

Duane McGuire, RPT
Duane McGuire, RPT (@tuner)
3 months ago
Reply to  Carol Hall

 Carol Hall Trust me on this! I wouldn’t consider getting on that roof!

Julia winchell
Julia winchell (@j_winchell22)
3 months ago

Your house looks amazing! I’m so glad you didn’t attempt this yourself. Learned a lesson from Steve, huh?

Duane McGuire
Duane McGuire (@duane_mail)
3 months ago
Reply to  Julia winchell

 Julia winchell I think I stopped climbing on roofs before Steve did, actually. Not to worry, though, I’m not done making mistakes.