Taking ownership

Over the years, I’ve created lots of content on Facebook. In the past few days, I’ve spent time collecting some of it and re-publishing on this blog.

I do love the way that Facebook has brought friends and family together over the years, and I’ll still be lurking and commenting there. For now, I’m avoiding posting directly there, because for me, that activity leads to unhelpful time spent there.

Upon re-examining my use of Facebook, I realized that I’d lost control of a lot of content that I do want to retain and preserve. So I’m collecting and re-publishing. Currently, I’m working on travel posts, perhaps because the current pandemic makes me a bit wistful for those times. You’ll find most of my current work in the blog’s travel section. In addition, I’ve incorporated other more recent things in the “best of facebook” section. There will be lots more to come!

I’ve been enjoying collecting the life events and stories here. I look at this blog as a perpetual Christmas newsletter. If you haven’t received a McGuire Christmas letter in the past twenty years (you haven’t!), well here it is!

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Cassius Seeley
Cassius Seeley (@whatdoyaknow)
4 months ago

Good idea, Mr. McGuire. Facebook has become a rather large minefield and it is difficult to navigate without an explosion 🙂