Bridge notching

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The soundboard repairs are complete, and the board is just about ready for a finish coat of varnish. Today I started the notching work on the treble bridge. It was good work. I like it! I learned a thing or two. For some technical discussion, please see the discussion of this job at Piano World.

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Javier Pardo
12 years ago

Dear Duane, I have an antique Broadwood square to restore that presents, despite the reasonabily good state of conservation, severe diplacement and cracking on the main board because the strings stress. I think It would be unavoidable to dissasemble the whole case to repair it and the sound board that it is consecuently broken. Anyway it have the 6 legs and pedal missing and also the nameboard fretwork. I am looking for copyes of the original plans or anatomy of the piano case and the shape of the original legs an pedal with dimension also. Could you suggest me any… Read more »