Android Saga App – Mileage tracking

Early in January I heard about the Saga app for Android and iPhone. It bills itself thus: “Record your life automatically and share it effortlessly with the people you care about.”

It will aggregate all of your social media stuff so that you can share EVERYTHING about your online self. Well I didn’t care to share my life in that way, but I have long been looking for a way to automatically track business mileage. Apps that I have tried have not been particularly useful, mostly because I’d forget to push the START button when I head off to an appointment. The Saga app, on the other hand, tracks travel when the phone is on and with me. And it does it without draining the battery too fast.

For my purposes, I just wanted to aggregate Google Calendar data and Saga travel data. The saga app has an option to export raw data in JSON format. I wrote an online utility to process that raw export into a spreadsheet. I’ll be using that to summarize business travel monthly.

If this sounds worthwhile, you may utilize the utility here: