Antelope Island Ride

It was a beautiful afternoon. Is it the last spurt of Summer? At 85 degrees, I think maybe so. I don’t ride out to Antelope Island often, just because it burns me that the State Park wants $3 for a bicycle and rider. Oh well, I still wanted to go. This is today’s ride, and a shot on the island taken with my phone.

Map of Antelope Island Ride 9/17/2009

This is today’s view looking north from the north of the island. It seems to capture the landscape’s ethereal nature.

Antelope Island View

The numbers from the ride:

  • 29 miles round trip
  • 1 horsefly bite. Those creatures are vicious! While riding at 15 mph, they’d pace me looking for an opportunity.
  • 9 antelope! Grazing at the north end of the island
  • Thousands of seabirds! Gulls, terns, sand pipers
  • 1 butterfly
  • Millions of bugs
  • 6 bicyclists
  • 4 other people outside their cars!
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    One thought on “Antelope Island Ride”

    1. I take the ride often the whole ride is great except the $3 that is charged sucks.


      I’m with you Ty! It seems that our great state and great county could give the bicyclists a better deal. I put the angst behind me this year, and bought an annual day use state park pass ($75) and paid $15 for a sticker on the pass for the Davis County causeway toll. So I can ride the island as much as I want without digging into my pocket. I intend to do the ride at least weekly during the coming season. Its a good place to ride, so I guess it’s worth it to me. Done grumbling. Just dealing with it.


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