So you think you’re gonna ride the SLC Century?

Last week I rode my first 20 mile ride of the season. Foolishly, this week I asked my friend Troy if he’d like to go on 20 mile ride with me. I’m beat. Not quite the athlete stud I’d like to be! A couple of problems here.

  • Troy is an athlete stud, even if this was his first ride of the season
  • I foolishly suggested that we start at his house (250 ft higher than the low point on the route)
  • I let Troy determine the route, which turned out to be 27 miles, not 20 miles.
  • Troy set a leisurely pace (for him!), and I foolishly kept up with him for the first 13 miles
  • I’m carrying an extra 20 pounds THAT NEED TO GO AWAY!

27 mile route: North Ogden through West Weber



One thought on “So you think you’re gonna ride the SLC Century?”

  1. That’s quite a figure 8 you did there. There is some race in Missoula that Leanna is going to be in–I am not sure if it’s running or biking, but if she wins, the sponsors of the race will send her to the nationals–and my competitive little girl wants to win! She’s having a hard time engaging her partner for the race in the same mind-set. What a girl!

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